Renee Brown - Weaver's Coffee & Tea

Renee Brown restructured Wild Card Roasters in late 2015 while driving sales and marketing. Utilizing innovation and technology she managed and streamlined E-commerce and Omni-channel experience, Digital Marketing, Supply Chain Management, Logistics, JIT and Retail Operations across multiple brands.

Presently, seeks a strategic private equity partner with access to RTD manufacturing and national distribution.

Empowering teams to understand Corporate Culture, while increasing market share and customer experience. She has a unique understanding of customer acquisition and retention and how brands with large TAM hold sway over consumers. Skilled in data analytics, consumer behavior, social entrepreneurship, inclusion and women leadership.

Developed and implemented a Private Label OEM strategy for a 70+ International Franchise for the Military.


Michael Brown - Weavers Coffee & Tea

Michael Brown has over thirty years of professional experience. While working for Warner Bros. Consumer Products as Vice President, International Retail Business Development, he opened over 129 retail stores in 13 countries in 9 years. He directed all retail activities for Warner Bros. in Asia Pacific, Europe, Middle East, Africa, and Latin America. While living and working for over a decade in Hong Kong and Japan, he designed, developed and implemented new retail business models including Authorized Licensed Retail. 

He has held Senior Management positions within the fields of Domestic and International Retail Operations, International Franchise Operations, International Retail Business Development, Consumer Products Licensing, Sourcing and Manufacturing, Marketing, Advertising, Public Relations, Business Affairs and Legal. 


John Weaver - Master Coffee Roaster - Weavers Coffee & Tea

John Weaver began roasting coffee in 1980, where he apprenticed directly under the Mr. Alfred Peet and Mr. Sal Bonavita, the two Founders of Peet's Coffee & Tea. John is one of the most accomplished coffee roasters and coffee and tea tasting experts in the world. He has tasted thousands of green coffee samples over his forty-three year tenure as a Master Roaster. John has also cupped and compared thousands of tea samples over the years.

His skill at selecting, roasting and blending coffees is at the specialty coffee industry's highest level. Working as Master Roaster, John and his crew of roasters, offer best-in-class coffee that are roasted to order.


Bryce Inouye - Weavers Coffee & Tea

Bryce Inouye has over thirty years of professional experience. He worked with Michael at Warner Bros. throughout Asia for over a decade, holding various leadership roles in the fields of Domestic/International Retail Operations, International Franchise Operations, Consumer Products International Licensing, Brand Marketing, and Retail Business Development. While at Warner Bros., Bryce also gained extensive experience in New Media, Advertising & PR, Business Affairs, and Sourcing and Manufacturing.

Currently based in Tokyo, Japan he maintains a network of relationships with major global entertainment companies, studios and IP holders as well as with international manufacturing and sourcing companies throughout Asia-Pacific.