Wild Card Roasters understands that roasting coffee is an art and a means of nurturing and developing flavor. Green coffee beans come in different sizes, shapes, colors, and density. Roasting green coffee into black coffee requires a unique skill that allows the roaster to balance load size, time, temperature and air flow to realize the full potential of the coffee bean's “origin” flavor profile. We have a Master Roaster and his apprentice roasters hand-crafting your coffee and paying close attention to the subtle nuances and adjustments necessary for each batch of coffee. Shop now our brand Weaver's Coffee & Tea. 


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We start with only pure, 100% Arabica green coffee beans, selected from the finest coffee growing regions around the world, many of which span the equator. The vast majority of our coffees are grown above an altitude of three thousand feet where the rich, volcanic soil found at these altitudes produce a hearty and deep taste profile.

John Weaver had the privilege of learning the expertise of coffee roasting, cupping and blending from Mr. Alfred Peet and Mr. Sal Bonavita, the founders of Peet's Coffee & Tea. Learn more about our coffees by visiting the link below. 

Shop now our Weaver's Coffee & Tea brand and its artisan hand-roasting technique yields a heavy-bodied, bold cup which highlights the inherent characteristics of each origin.


Through the careful manipulation of load size, time, temperature, and airflow, we hand roast each batch of coffee beans to unlock the full, inherent potential that is unique to each coffee. Knowledge of coffee bean density is vital when roasting coffee. The softer the coffee bean, the gentler the coffee roasting process as opposed to a harder coffee bean which can be aggressively pushed in the roasting process. Understanding the difference, and manipulating the coffee roast by hand, is what we do, and it is the key difference between a Master Coffee Roaster handcrafting your coffee and the enormous roasting machinery used by large coffee companies. Shop now Weaver's Coffee & Tea.


Blending coffee is an art in itself. The exact Coffee Bean combination of each blend is decided by first roasting the coffee to a specific origin, which we then mix with varied amounts of other roasted coffee.  Methodically, we narrow it down to the perfect cup of coffee. We do this through cupping which is a skill mastered through time and experience. Having cupped roughly two hundred coffees a day, John Weaver and his team of apprentice roasters, have the ability to commit these tastes and flavor profiles to memory. Shop now Weaver's Coffee & Tea.



We know that coffee is a highly perishable item; one that loses both its flavor and freshness over a very short period of time if not handled properly. We hand pack our coffee beans and ground coffee into a one-way valve package, which is sealed within minutes of being roasted. This special coffee bag has been designed to release CO2 through the one way valve. Fresh roasted coffee out gases for hours after roasting. This process also forces most of the harmful oxygen (the primary enemy of roasted coffee) from the bag and seals in freshness. We take every step necessary to ensure that our coffees are fresh. Shop now for the best coffee from Weaver's Coffee & Tea.